October 2019

Springville Pharmacy Now Open

Our new Springville location opened Monday, September 9th, 2019 and is already working on becoming Springville’s home-town pharmacy. Offering new clinical and counseling services while giving quick and friendly service. Stop in and say hello so we can tell you about all the ways we can help.

We're having our Grand Opening ceremony on Wednesday, October 16th from 6pm to 8pm and all are invited. We'll have light snacks and drinks and will be holding raffles with the proceeds to benefit Springville Youth Inc.

Pharmacists Are The Front Line of Your Healthcare Team

We understand the pressures of an ever-changing healthcare system and how it can leave you feeling like you have fewer options for your care.

Many patients are unaware that pharmacists have been extensively trained to provide basic healthcare services such as blood pressure screenings, educating patients with diabetes and providing an interpretation of readings from diagnostic tools. Pharmacists can also be a quick-to-reach resource for recommending over-the-counter remedies for common ailments, without the cost and time of getting to a doctor’s office.

Pharmacists are now critical members of your healthcare team, and are uniquely positioned to oversee medications, both individually and in combinations, from the numerous prescribers you may have. Having the ability to coordinate your complete medication regimen allowing our pharmacists the opportunity to suggest methods for accurately and effectively taking prescribed medications, discuss medication safety, identify and manage side effects, and assist in managing chronic health conditions.

Independently Owned Pharmacies Provide an Unmatched Level of Service

Independent Pharmacies are in a position to offer a level of service that the chain stores can’t match. Independents rely on patient loyalty rather than the large “front of store” sales that the chain stores have. To earn that trust and loyalty we must provide a higher level of service and we work hard to do so.

Historically patients on numerous medications seek out independent pharmacies. They do this to get the close relationships that are only possible with an independent pharmacist. Someone who knows them, knows what they’re taking and can closely monitor their care. Things they generally feel are only available from an independent.

Your home-town pharmacy can also be more cost effective for you by offering competitive cash prices for some medications and will let you know when they’re available.

That care coupled with additional services like medication synchronization, medication therapy management and chronic care management programs allow people to feel more comfortable and safer about their care.

Our pharmacies also work with veterinarians to dispense pet medications and customized compounded pet medications.

We offer vaccinations for flu, shingles, pneumonia and Tdap as well as traveling to local schools, churches and employers to do flu clinics and immunize employees and members of the community.

We invite you to come in our call one of our independent pharmacies and experience that higher level of service first hand.